It's a mum's blog

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but it comes with its own cons like weight gain! I

Indian preggers, are scared knowing that our aunts have doubled after thier each pregnancies…and ofcourse none of us want that! So, we try to eat healthy, no fried, exercise, stay active…do yoga, pilate, swimming, aqua aerobics….etc!

But now I feel Indians are suffering from another problem which is Pregorexia, Its anorexia of pregnant women… I see a lot of girls cutting on calories just to avoid weight gain!  Watch it…dont overdo…you might become pregorexic!

Average weight gain is 8-13 kg in Pregnancy but every one body need differ and so weight gain!! Bollywood yummy mummy like Shilpa shetty, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley etc…. is very inspiring! they are looked upon but you can’t be obsessed with no weight gain!!!!! Anorexia starts with obsession of looking good!

Enjoy this journey! feeling of having a healthy baby and you nurturing him is what matters!


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It's a mum's blog

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It's a mum's blog

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It's a mum's blog

It's a mum's blog


It's a mum's blog

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