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Do you know what’s the must have in every mom’s list? …. Diapers! Yes, and lots of them :-)… can we ever imagine a life without them!! Be it disposable or cloth, a mom can never get enough of them.

On Lv’s birth my very close friend gifted me Diaper cake from Buttons & Bows……yes, a cake, non edible one, it that had loads of diapers and goodies for new born.

The one I received had a personalized message and was beautifully tulle wrapped. It had Diapers, Wrapping sheet, Baby Bib, Booties, Washcloths, onesie, socks and pair of mittens. It looked so stunning that I didn’t even open the pack for few days 🙂 and though it looked heavy but was light to pick and was very sturdy.

Why I think Diaper cakes make a great gift option:

  • I generally dont like giving gift vouchers or cash and I spend hours searching for perfect gift that looks Great and is useful for moms. I think one can never go wrong with diapers; they are needed in excess and everything in that cake is usable!
  • If you throwing a party for baby shower, baby announcement, baby arrivals or Birthdays it makes a great centerpiece
  • You can get it 100% customized keeping in mind mom’s need, preferred brands and your budget.
  • These diaper gift are created in 100% non – smoking and non – pet design studio so it makes it 100% safe for babies.

Button & Bows” believe as each baby is unique so are their diaper cakes 🙂 so; get your own customized diaper cake!!!!!!!! They do lots of designs here are few favorites of mine!



They are generally priced between Rs 1500-4000 ( keeping in mind the design and goodies). Party favors and return gifts are priced differently keeping in ming the goodie costs.

For mumsphere readers they are offering 10% sign in discount 🙂  claim your Discount coupon @ Mumsphere offer page

To know more about them:

Visit Button and bows.

Button & bows on facebook

Much love,


Disclaimer: I recieved this product as a gift and all opinions and views expressed here are mine.

Comments on: "Finds: Buttons & bows Diaper cake boutique!!" (8)

  1. these are really cute!! diaper cakes are newfound concept in India, and the trend started a few yrs ago… I am sure your subscribers are going to love the coupon discount

  2. I already know that I am going to learn a lot from you because I am a mommy in process. 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by and your comment. I’d check out soon. ❤

  4. I like your posts very much..but don’t understand whats that diaper tricyle meant…wish you all best 🙂

    • Mumsphere said:

      @ shashank : Thanks so much! Diaper tricycle is a made up of diapers… 🙂 It makes an interesting fun gift for mom to be’s ..which is henerally filled with baby stuff like socks , mittens bottles so they all can be used later once baby is born…. Its a fun & not so usual gift 🙂

      N can totally understand your confusion;-)

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It's a mum's blog

It's a mum's blog


It's a mum's blog


It's a mum's blog

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