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In today’s time, Parents are often scouting options to make kids learn in a fun way!!! Some like to learn through books, some through nature and others through gadgets!!!…I think educational apps are fun way to teach your kids that helps them learn, understand technology and keeps them busy for few hours 🙂

You may find many good apps to learn English or math but you hardly have any good apps to learn Hindi! Don’t you think we need more apps to help our kid’s learn Hindi…. Huh?

Let’s learn Hindi is a a Hindi varnmala flash card app for kids between 2 to 5 years and this one app is compatible with all apple products (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod generation 3).It’s a fun, lively, colorful and interactive app!!!!! The app uses simple images of fruits, animals and general things that help in building kids vocabulary.

When you enter the game Let’s learn hindi you see all the 36 letters! Choose any letter to enter into the letter’s world, each letter world contains three activities; one allows kids to investigate the interactive objects, another aids them in increasing their phonetics and vocabulary and, lastly you can practice your writing skills with tracing a letter feature!

As a kid tabs to enter the letter world he has this whole interactive world to discover where he has to press, tab, slide to explore. he ends up blowing balloons, cleaning teeth, and fly paper aeroplanes!!!!

Another good feature is alphabet tracing! It help kids learn how to write a letter and have different color chalks shades so that your kid can have some color writing fun too!

here is the quick video of the app!

Bottom line: I think its a very handy app for teaching kids hindi consonants. It has good UI, navigation and illustrations. For Indians staying abroad its a must-have app as its little tough to source Hindi books :-). Would have been nice if the app covered vowels and had more fun element like drawing or recording. But, still I think Its a very good app for learning Hindi varnmala for its price, USD 2. You can download the app from app store.


To know more about them visit them at Let’s learn hindi and join there FB community Let’s learn hindi ON FB

Disclaimer: I received this product for review but all thoughts in this article are mine 🙂 and so may vary!!!

Comments on: "Finds: Let’s learn Hindi- Hindi varnmala App!" (7)

  1. Thats a nice review! Deepshikha did contact me a few wks back, and we do not use IOS at home but we are android lovers 🙂 too bad couldnt check her app her, but you did a perfect job 🙂

  2. oh really! thanks..Its a good app! I think we need more such apps for making our kids learn our mother tongue!

  3. Ummm its nice ….but I think it could be far much better than this…another point is I like when kids try to learn things by touching real objects in real world (in 3D)…so the take away is… if this app can convert itself from 2D to 3D (Visulas) it might be more useful…its just my POV sorry if you dont like it…

  4. @Vandana n one more thing
    OFF TOPIC: You write awesome posts dont waste your energy…on a free blog…take a premium domain…n go for a self hosted WP blog…(lot of benefits)

  5. @ Shashank: 3d would have been great!! I love 3d books :–)… But guess no sponsor is keen in making apps in hindi!!! I hardly find a app with international appeal and good illustrations!…let’s learn hindi was a surprise to me!… 🙂

    and thanks for suggestion…its WIP!

  6. This sounds so gr8 …… I really had a hard time looking for good hindi books for my son way 6-7 yrs back…..did not had apple products at that time :(. But today i feel so relaxed seeing this app for my younger son for whom this app wud b a must……so really thx for such a wonderful find vandana and thx to the the creative team behind this app…..wud soon install it :).

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