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I paint mama! I am your baby Picasso.

Baby’s first year is so special and is full of wonderful firsts! Right from their first cry to bath to smile …you have so many milestones and so much of fun to capture!

Lv did her first paint today, ya ya I know she still can’t hold a crayon…but you see she can hand paint and she went on painting the whole town red…. yellow, purple and green… 🙂

It all started when I was cleaning my craft supplies drawer and manage to break open a color bottle and Lv just got so excited, she wanted to touch the color on the floor and kept leaping towards it. She now gets curious and wants everything that she sees around, she wants to touch, hold and taste… She is an explorer!!!! And seeing her so excited I thought why not have some color fun…. and tada! …. I just got her some color (not edible ones, I am going to make some for her play date) and pulled a paper mat from next drawer and we were ready for some serious fun 🙂

If you push her for doing anything then she doesn’t want to do it at all. So, I kept the color plate next to her…making sure nothing goes in her mouth…. Soon, she picked the color and started doing squish squash with it; then I made finger expressions on paper and she did what she wanted to do…. banged her color hands on the paper, thrown color bottles here and there…. Ahh….What a fun it was!!! And I got her first masterpiece 🙂

Mommies get down and dirty with your munchkins and try finger painting, It’s a great play option that help your little one develop his sensory, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

Have fun Mommies and share your play options with us too!

Homemade or Jarred baby food?

Well, I prefer homemade baby food most of the times because…

It’s economical: making your own food helps you keep a check on your baby budget. Generally, commercial baby food cost 3 times more than baby homemade food!

Baby gets real food: You give baby real food so it’s not tough to transition from milk feed to first solids and later to big people food. She eats what family eats. You can also control the texture of food like purees to soft mushy food to little small bite size.

You can offer variety: Jarred food comes in many tastes & flavors but homemade food has limitless options… you have so much of variety.

No preservatives go to baby palate- Jarred food is high on preservatives or other added flavors, sugar or salt. Organic jarred food, may not have added sugar, salt or flavor but they are heated on very high temperature, which may depletes some of its nutrients…whereas homemade has no added preservatives and is high on nutrients.

No exposure to Pesticides: Unless you buy only organic, the baby food will most likely have traces of pesticides. If you are concerned about pesticides then you should make your own baby food with organic fruits & veggies.

What’s in it: You are no more running around from shelf to shelf to check the product content …When you make your own food you are sure that you giving best to your baby… It’s a very high satisfaction point for mommies!

When was it packed: With jarred food you are often checking product expiry date  but with homemade food  you worry less because you serve Fresh!


But sometime it may seems impractical for mommies and they give up to the easiness of Jarred food especially when you are a working mom or has a family & other kids to take care of

I generally buy jarred baby food when I am….

Traveling: For short travel, I generally pack fruit & veggies with peel like banana, orange, Chicoo, avocado…easier to maintain hygiene level… but when traveling for long hours or on vacation jarred food is a great option!!

Pressed with time: In India, we generally prefer making fresh baby food and not So, when really pressed with time and have no time to cook then I opt or jarred food or yoghurt!

So, I prefer this mix arrangement, which gives me flexibility and comfort that I am doing best possible stuff for Lv!

What do you do mommies…would love to know your thoughts!!!!

Happy Weaning mommies!!!!!

At last! She took bottle….


Lv was exclusively breastfed child…I started giving her bottle of expressed milk say around by her 2nd month…she took a while to adapt herself and later she became a pro…until one day she totally refused it! Later…I struggled…no bottles for her. I tried giving her milk in droppers, sippers and by spoon and had little luck. Going out without her started giving me nightmares what if she refused milk and cry out loud for milk. In her 5th month we introduced solids & I again started offering her bottle every now & then. Every time I offered her She refused, chewed the bottle and threw milk…but I didn’t stop, I kept my patience I often requested my husband, mum, mum in law, sisters everyone to try and feed her…. Today again, I tried like all other time I held her close to me and offered her…and pretended that I am having it too… and to my surprise she gulped the whole bottle…all the while I kept caressing & talking to her! What a feeling of triumph it is…. It’s gives me sucha HIGH!!!

Tips for mommy who wants their babies to take bottle:

  • Start pumping by 2nd month if not early, by this age baby’s face less nipple confusion.
  • There is no need to offer daily but once in two days keeps them in habit of bottle.
  • Baby can smell you, handover bottle feeding to family around…dad or Granny… they are perfect for bottle feed and this give them chance to bond with the baby.
  • Babies generally like to be held the way when they are breastfed…Close to you, skin-to-skin contact. They can feel protected and warm… encourage replicating that experience when bottle-feed.
  • Don’t offer bottle when the baby is very very hungry…at this time they are not ready for any trade.
  • Bottle temperature is very important, babies like normal room temperature milk, so not so clod or hot!
  • If not bottle try with dropper, syringe but practice this when the baby is alert.
  • If baby rejects keep trying don’t give up but don’t over push!!!Patience is the key!!!!!

Happy bottle-feeding mommies!

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