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Yes, your life is on different tangent, most of your day goes in taking care of kids…your only savior is your mommy friend with whom you plan play dates, go out for stroller exercises, catch up with mom & toddler program but don’t let go your non-mom friends…

Here’s why you should stay connected to your non-mom gang:

Mommies are always on a run, they don’t get a day off …but every mom needs time off and so do you!! Take time off from kids, family and other mommy friends… Go catch up with your non-mom friends.

They will check on your kids and love seeing their recent pictures but trust me your whole evening will not just go away discussing baby burps, poop & diapers!

Remember they are still not that boring lot, which world tag all mommies in… 🙂 you can be part of all things happening and realse that you can talk on other stuff too.

They will let you meet your old self. Yes, that girl with whom you can’t relate much… but she’s part of you and so are your friend’s. For a new mom life changes after baby and its natural that you lose touch with your friends but with little understanding in friends your friendship can really blossom!

Best part about this gang is that they can hangout with you!!! They are available to be with you for a quick round of coffee, spa or just shopping!

Mommies so how do you stay connected with your non-mom friends …share how you manage your relationships with them …… we love great tips!


Baby’s first year is so special and is full of wonderful firsts! Right from their first cry to bath to smile …you have so many milestones and so much of fun to capture!

Lv did her first paint today, ya ya I know she still can’t hold a crayon…but you see she can hand paint and she went on painting the whole town red…. yellow, purple and green… 🙂

It all started when I was cleaning my craft supplies drawer and manage to break open a color bottle and Lv just got so excited, she wanted to touch the color on the floor and kept leaping towards it. She now gets curious and wants everything that she sees around, she wants to touch, hold and taste… She is an explorer!!!! And seeing her so excited I thought why not have some color fun…. and tada! …. I just got her some color (not edible ones, I am going to make some for her play date) and pulled a paper mat from next drawer and we were ready for some serious fun 🙂

If you push her for doing anything then she doesn’t want to do it at all. So, I kept the color plate next to her…making sure nothing goes in her mouth…. Soon, she picked the color and started doing squish squash with it; then I made finger expressions on paper and she did what she wanted to do…. banged her color hands on the paper, thrown color bottles here and there…. Ahh….What a fun it was!!! And I got her first masterpiece 🙂

Mommies get down and dirty with your munchkins and try finger painting, It’s a great play option that help your little one develop his sensory, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

Have fun Mommies and share your play options with us too!

Congratulations to new mom Drew Barrymore!


The 37-year-old actress and husband Will Kopelman welcomed a baby girl last Wednesday.

“We are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Olive Barrymore Kopelman, born September 26th, healthy, happy and welcomed by the whole family,” the couple said in a statement.

“Thank you for respecting our privacy during this most special time in our lives.”

Barrymore and art consultant Kopelman began dating in 2010 and tied the knot this past June at her Montecito, Calif., home and honeymooned in Big Sur.

They’ve kept news about the pregnancy under wraps; in fact, the actress never even officially confirmed that she was expecting.

She did share that she definitely wanted to start a family with Kopelman during an appearance on the Tonight Show.

“We’ll start with one,” she said. “See how it goes and if we could be so blessed…that would be wonderful.”

Wondering how they chose baby Olive’s name? While it might just be a coincidence, back in 1999, Barrymore voiced the title character in the TV special “Olive, the Other Reindeer.”

(It just happens to be the most adorable Christmas movie in the entire world)

She most recently starred alongside John Krasinski in Ken Kwapis’ romantic drama Big Miracle.

Such an awesome gift for the newlyweds!

Article via:It’s a Girl for Drew Barrymore! |

Visiting Squiggle is an absolute delight if you are looking for something other than clichéd plastic toys!  Niyatee Sharma, designer-mother founded Squiggle in 2011 when she was looking for not so usual toys for her son!

Squiggle’s has fun range of kids’ products that includes

Animal rockers, floor cushions, bookshelves, wall clocks and to be launched study tables. Their products are inspired by nature and are handmade with environment friendly products.

The products that we absolutely adore are:

Animal Rockers: We all love ours traditional rocking horse. But, how about these other animal shape rocker… Sheep, elephant & donkey! Oh they are just so stylish and will surely keep your tot all so fascinated…

Bookshelves: They do beautiful nature-inspired bookshelves…they have 2 designs-tree & crocodile shelves.

The standout feature of the Crocodile bookshelf is that its ‘teeth’ can be used to hang the child’s knick-knacks and it’s a very versatile statement piece, which can be mounted in kids or in a living room.


To explore their range you can visit their Fb page:

They do shipment across India.

Being pregnant is the most beautiful thing happened to you! …It’s the time when your body is preparing itself for something really big so for you being healthy & fit is very very important! It’s the time for you to start a safe, regular, sustained and moderate exercise program.

How to start: 

Discuss it with your doctor; most will encourage you to take up exercise unless you have high blood pressure, heart problem, weak cervix or bleeding.

You can start exercising at a level that does not cause pain, shortness of breath or excessive tiredness.

Advantages of exercise: 

  • It helps you keep a check on weight gain during pregnancy. If only if you are eating for you & not two!!
  • It prepares the body for something miraculous…labor & birth.
  • When you exercise oxytocin aka happy hormones releases and help you stay happy & sane.
  • It makes it easy for you to get back in shape.

What exercise you should do:

The best exercises are the ones that don’t require your body to bear extra weight like:

  • Walking is a great option …nature walks are great to unwind you from pregnancy stress. Don’t count mall walking in…I am sure its enough to give you stress seeing other women dressed in size 6!
  • Practicing pre-natal yoga with a trainer helps you learn some great breathing & concentration techniques that help you a lot during labor.
  • Swimming is a good option for women who find it tough to exercise because of increased weight and also, buoyancy  of water helps in avoiding muscles and joints cramps
  • Low impact aerobics or Pilates helps increase suppleness and reduce tension.
  •  Stretching & pelvic floor exercises helps in maintain muscle tone and flexibility.

Things to avoid:

  • Where you might be in danger of slipping or falling, such as cycling, jogging and horse riding.
  • Exercising while lying on your back, since the weight of the baby may interfere with blood circulation.
  • When the weather is hot, exercise in the early morning or late evening to help prevent you from getting overheated

Things to remember:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep yourself cool
  • Wear light breathable clothes while exercising
  • Stop, if you feel pain, shortness of breath or dizziness stop your workout and Check with your physician before resuming your program, but do so right away.
  • Eat well balanced diet

Mommies to be if you haven’t started working out yet…start one now If you are fit & healthy you can turn away pregnancy blues… And mommies who have pass through this phase share your stories; we believe your experiences can inspire someone!

We, mommies are always looking around for books that have beautiful illustrations and make a good read for our kids. While, on my recent hunt I discovered World of Anahi & Vir by Little Latitude!

Little Latitude is a project envisioned by Vinay Diddee, an apparel and merchandise designer to create meaningful children’s products like books, clothing, bed linen, toys and stationery.

The inspiration behind the brand are Didee’s own children. He wanted to create some whimsical characters with which children can relate and came up with book series.

World of Anahi & Vir is a series of 3 books that follows 2 kids as they explore natural worlds & animals

  • If there’s one Place I could be: celebrates the colorful life under the sea. Her journey takes her from the depths of the sea, through the open ocean, to the coral reefs, revealing the wonders of the ocean at every step.
  • If there was one Thing I could be: Vir imagines what it would be like, to be a bird. In his fantasy, he explores different kinds of birds, their unique features and ultimately the joy of flight.
  • If I lived in a Tree house:  Vir and Anahi search for a perfect home of their own. Along this journey they reveal all kinds of animals and their unique homes.

What we love about the books:

  • Language is simple, fun and catchy.
  • Illustrations are simply beautiful. It reminds you of your old Indian story books but definitely has Global appeal.
  • The book engages you and let children understand and relate to the world around them.
  • It helps children learn, imagine and promotes pretend play.

Other great products from them are:

  • Party in the sky :It’s a new book out for sale next week. It’s about children exploring the Solar system…what a fun way to learn!

  • Room mobiles: Beautiful hand applique designs made in organic cotton.

You can buy them online on, they ship worldwide or on following stores:

Sotomoto, 24/2 Hauz Khas Village New Delhi 110016 • Grasshopper : 45, Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 076 • Plantation House : B14b / Level 1, Leela Galleria, Leela Palace Kempinski Hotel, No.23 Old Airport Road, Bangalore 560 008 • Pappadum : 21, Chittaranjan Road, Teynampet, Chennai 600 018 • Studio Alaya : 94, Old Rajpur, Near Shahenshahi Ashram, Dehradun 248 009

Homemade or Jarred baby food?

Well, I prefer homemade baby food most of the times because…

It’s economical: making your own food helps you keep a check on your baby budget. Generally, commercial baby food cost 3 times more than baby homemade food!

Baby gets real food: You give baby real food so it’s not tough to transition from milk feed to first solids and later to big people food. She eats what family eats. You can also control the texture of food like purees to soft mushy food to little small bite size.

You can offer variety: Jarred food comes in many tastes & flavors but homemade food has limitless options… you have so much of variety.

No preservatives go to baby palate- Jarred food is high on preservatives or other added flavors, sugar or salt. Organic jarred food, may not have added sugar, salt or flavor but they are heated on very high temperature, which may depletes some of its nutrients…whereas homemade has no added preservatives and is high on nutrients.

No exposure to Pesticides: Unless you buy only organic, the baby food will most likely have traces of pesticides. If you are concerned about pesticides then you should make your own baby food with organic fruits & veggies.

What’s in it: You are no more running around from shelf to shelf to check the product content …When you make your own food you are sure that you giving best to your baby… It’s a very high satisfaction point for mommies!

When was it packed: With jarred food you are often checking product expiry date  but with homemade food  you worry less because you serve Fresh!


But sometime it may seems impractical for mommies and they give up to the easiness of Jarred food especially when you are a working mom or has a family & other kids to take care of

I generally buy jarred baby food when I am….

Traveling: For short travel, I generally pack fruit & veggies with peel like banana, orange, Chicoo, avocado…easier to maintain hygiene level… but when traveling for long hours or on vacation jarred food is a great option!!

Pressed with time: In India, we generally prefer making fresh baby food and not So, when really pressed with time and have no time to cook then I opt or jarred food or yoghurt!

So, I prefer this mix arrangement, which gives me flexibility and comfort that I am doing best possible stuff for Lv!

What do you do mommies…would love to know your thoughts!!!!

Happy Weaning mommies!!!!!

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