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Happy half birthday Lv!

Dear Lv,

Happy half b’day baby! its a big big day for all of us :-)…a big milestone! You are a big  6 months old now! You have grown so much, learned so much, can do so much in these months!

I still remember the first time when, I held you, you were crying..oh gaush..u were crying your lungs out…Damn.. that is the only time I loved seeing you cry….Now I hate it :-(..Yes! I totally hate it…can’t see you crying!

Each month ….you have grown every minute!

when February came: Yes, Our last Pregnancy sonograpgy..U smiled! yes u smiled …you knew how to smile before birth Honey!

when March came: I never thought a small 10 day baby knew how to roll eyes….

when April came: You became very active..started sleeping less than what you use to! This month you gave your first social smile to Nani (Grannie). You could hold your neck up…my big girl… And we took you out for first in your Pram :-)..U slept in 10 mins…yes exactly…in 10 mins!

when May came: You and I celebrated 1st mother’s day! thank you Love for coming in my life :-)…you are sooo precious!!!…You also gave me a gift yes…. a date with daddy..This month you learned to SIT…though with support :-)…

when June came: You can roll roll roll…on sides, from side to back :-)….when i wake up @ night for you…once, I got so scared seeing you on the other side of the cot….You know where the voice is coming from & you turn!

when July came: You can now sit unassisted! but at times you just slip!!! This month we planned your first vacation by kashmir…and needless to say…you were a traveller…just wanna be out & out :-)…

when August ame : You turn when we call your name, do you really know your name…now you can shift toys from one hand to another, bang them!…We started solids once a day for you! You were so eager to explore 🙂

when September came: You got your first pearly white :-)…n today only u turned when I told you to look @ daddy! seems you know him too :-)..

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