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What’s in my diaper bag?

Mommies to be, often question me…what I have in My diaper bag? …they want to know why are diaper bag so loaded, what goes in them???….And I always tell them…A lot!…with diaper bags, you can’t be minimalistic! I always wanted to carry less stuff but whenever I am out … I realized that not so important becomes so very important!!!

Every mum has quite similar but yet different stuff in there….& You all, mommies to be will soon figure out what you need to carry!..

I have:

  1. Diaper bag :I use first year diaper bag! It has lots & lots of big pockets..
  2. Diapers: I am currently using Pampers they are just about ok but cost effective! Carry one for each hour! That’s safest !!!
  3. Changing mat : I use Pantemn pad…they let me hold diapers, cream, wipes in its inner pockets
  4. Wipes: Mother care no perfume baby wipes & Pigeon hand & mouth wipes …it’s great for sanitizing baby world in a rush….!!
  5. Mother care rash cream:  great product…it has loads of castor oil!. The cream tub is quite big…I have a got some in an old lip balm bottle.
  6. Nuby disposable bags to keep wet clothes & to dispose soiled diapers!
  7. Hand sanitizer any off the shelf… right now I am using himalaya
  8. First aid & general medicines ( like collicaid, crocin , nasoclear, bandaid etc)
  9. Skeeter natural mosquito repellent
  10. Chicoo sunscreen lotion: Delhi heat is bad so I anyway avoid taking her out in afternoons but, for unavoidable time I use sunscreen mix with little moisturizer …it becomes lighter ..
  11. Medela Feeding bottle
  12.  Squirt baby food dispensing spoon…its great if your baby still eats pureed food!
  13. Baby bibs & cloth wipes
  14. cloth change for Lv , I prefer 2 sets!
  15. Breathable cotton Baby sheet
  16. Comb & hair clips …I also carry water in spray bottle to easily comb her hair!
  17.  Toys & teethers
  18.  Baby k’tan- my baby carriers
  19.  medela  BP.
  20.  Any breathable light scarf…for nursing!

I am sure in a month or so I might change the stuff I carry, I may pack more winter wear, snacks, baby books..!!

What do you do…? Do you over pack or keep it to basics!!! I am eager to know from all you experienced mommies… What’s in your diaper bag??????

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