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Medela -Calma review!

Today, moms prefer to breast feed their babies longer to help them bond with their babies and with the help of great breast-feeding supplies it has become practical and possible.

Medela is a most sought after brand that provides, superior-quality breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world and when I heard they have launched Calma I was keen to give it a shot because I wanted to breast-feed without being overwhelmed and was worried if I give her expressed milk in normal teat bottles she might give up BF for the easiness of bottle. So here’s my review:


  • In calma bottle baby need to suck the teat to get milk similarly when we breast-feed them.
  • When the baby takes the bottle in his mouth he latches on so they don’t feel nipple confusion and learn to latch on better.
  • Vacuum system and BPA free teat allows less air to pass through the bottle into the baby belly.
  • They don’t leak when upside down so no worries on milk spilling.
  • One size nipple is used for babies.
  • Very easy to use, babies get hang of it very quickly.


  • Its an expensive bottle, can cost you around INR 1600 in India, but if you get it from USA then you might get it around INR 800
  • This tiny teat is made of 5 parts, makes it difficult to handle and clean.
  • Nipple is quite long so sometimes you feel that baby might not able to suck but not a very significant issue.
  • Babies fill up their mouth with lot of milk while sucking so you might have to be careful of baby choking.
  • Bottle cap doesn’t snap properly so I constantly worry on loosing it.


  • It’s a very innovative product and does mimic breast-feeding and It’s definitely for babies who have difficulty in transitioning between breasts and bottle-feed. So, for first you might buy the cheaper one and see if it works for you
  • For working mom who wish to exclusively breast-feed, they should consider it.
  • Would not recommend it for formula fed babies though I have seen few of moms using it. But, if you offer formula milk and BF then its fine but make sure it’s mixed well and has no lumps.

They retail at few Mother care outlets across India. You can even buy online at

Disclaimer: I received this product for review and I have been using this product for past 7th months. The views on this product are totally mine and so may vary.

At last! She took bottle….


Lv was exclusively breastfed child…I started giving her bottle of expressed milk say around by her 2nd month…she took a while to adapt herself and later she became a pro…until one day she totally refused it! Later…I struggled…no bottles for her. I tried giving her milk in droppers, sippers and by spoon and had little luck. Going out without her started giving me nightmares what if she refused milk and cry out loud for milk. In her 5th month we introduced solids & I again started offering her bottle every now & then. Every time I offered her She refused, chewed the bottle and threw milk…but I didn’t stop, I kept my patience I often requested my husband, mum, mum in law, sisters everyone to try and feed her…. Today again, I tried like all other time I held her close to me and offered her…and pretended that I am having it too… and to my surprise she gulped the whole bottle…all the while I kept caressing & talking to her! What a feeling of triumph it is…. It’s gives me sucha HIGH!!!

Tips for mommy who wants their babies to take bottle:

  • Start pumping by 2nd month if not early, by this age baby’s face less nipple confusion.
  • There is no need to offer daily but once in two days keeps them in habit of bottle.
  • Baby can smell you, handover bottle feeding to family around…dad or Granny… they are perfect for bottle feed and this give them chance to bond with the baby.
  • Babies generally like to be held the way when they are breastfed…Close to you, skin-to-skin contact. They can feel protected and warm… encourage replicating that experience when bottle-feed.
  • Don’t offer bottle when the baby is very very hungry…at this time they are not ready for any trade.
  • Bottle temperature is very important, babies like normal room temperature milk, so not so clod or hot!
  • If not bottle try with dropper, syringe but practice this when the baby is alert.
  • If baby rejects keep trying don’t give up but don’t over push!!!Patience is the key!!!!!

Happy bottle-feeding mommies!

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