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Lv’s teething battle ground!

Lv is a very calm and in general a very happy baby! She only cries when she needs a diaper change, feeling sleeping or having some ache (tooth or stomach)….. but now her fussiness is increasing where she is on chewing mission…she wants to bite n bite everything that comes her way! Few days back, I caught her chewing my LV handle! ..

But like every mum, I am trying to be sane and do things that help her overcome the stress!

Lv generally take everything in mouth that comes her way as long as it can be pressed between and can make way through her mouth!

I generally give her chilled carrots big long chunks so she can’t bite and get it stuck in her throat..but for other food like cucumber, apple, pear..I chill and give it in food feeder!

Gum massagers, chilled gel teethers also work fine… the basic thing is to give it chilled as it numbs the gums for a while….n its a big  big soother!

Also sometimes i have seen her chewing her own hand sewn crochet bracelet, toys, remotes, phones!…and all this she can do when she can’t crawl… what would she do when she can crawl….!!!

And when nothing works I end up giving her calpol…but once she was very fussy, I thought may be she has a toothache gave her the med and with it she farted n farted and it made me think was it a colic ache or tooth ache!!! with babies it so unpredictable!

I have also ordered Amber teether for L…heard a lot about them…So they are natural fossilised resins from Baltic sea which has analgesic properties! I have got them last week…yet to test and write a review!

If you have any of your teething combats…please do share…as L has just started her teething battle!


Pearly white- makes me sparkle and bite!

My baby L got her first tooth! yay! ….. feels like shouting!…well its not my way!…I texted all my dear ones letting them know that Lavanya got her first pearly white today! what a milestone…what a feeling!

I was arranging my craft box on my couch and to my surprise L had grab a box full of pearls and few were around her as if she has open the box…I took the box and put back the pearls and locked it…and suddenly she started choking…i got so afraid she might have swallowed may be 1 , 2….I quickly forced her to open her mouth …no luck …i forced myself again and i saw something gleaming in her mouth i quickly tried to pull it out but IT WAS THERE TO STAY>>it was my girl first pearl!..

L is now 5 m & 22 days..with a tooth!

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