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Exercising When You’re Expecting!

Being pregnant is the most beautiful thing happened to you! …It’s the time when your body is preparing itself for something really big so for you being healthy & fit is very very important! It’s the time for you to start a safe, regular, sustained and moderate exercise program.

How to start: 

Discuss it with your doctor; most will encourage you to take up exercise unless you have high blood pressure, heart problem, weak cervix or bleeding.

You can start exercising at a level that does not cause pain, shortness of breath or excessive tiredness.

Advantages of exercise: 

  • It helps you keep a check on weight gain during pregnancy. If only if you are eating for you & not two!!
  • It prepares the body for something miraculous…labor & birth.
  • When you exercise oxytocin aka happy hormones releases and help you stay happy & sane.
  • It makes it easy for you to get back in shape.

What exercise you should do:

The best exercises are the ones that don’t require your body to bear extra weight like:

  • Walking is a great option …nature walks are great to unwind you from pregnancy stress. Don’t count mall walking in…I am sure its enough to give you stress seeing other women dressed in size 6!
  • Practicing pre-natal yoga with a trainer helps you learn some great breathing & concentration techniques that help you a lot during labor.
  • Swimming is a good option for women who find it tough to exercise because of increased weight and also, buoyancy  of water helps in avoiding muscles and joints cramps
  • Low impact aerobics or Pilates helps increase suppleness and reduce tension.
  •  Stretching & pelvic floor exercises helps in maintain muscle tone and flexibility.

Things to avoid:

  • Where you might be in danger of slipping or falling, such as cycling, jogging and horse riding.
  • Exercising while lying on your back, since the weight of the baby may interfere with blood circulation.
  • When the weather is hot, exercise in the early morning or late evening to help prevent you from getting overheated

Things to remember:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep yourself cool
  • Wear light breathable clothes while exercising
  • Stop, if you feel pain, shortness of breath or dizziness stop your workout and Check with your physician before resuming your program, but do so right away.
  • Eat well balanced diet

Mommies to be if you haven’t started working out yet…start one now If you are fit & healthy you can turn away pregnancy blues… And mommies who have pass through this phase share your stories; we believe your experiences can inspire someone!

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