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Homemade or Jarred baby food?

Well, I prefer homemade baby food most of the times because…

It’s economical: making your own food helps you keep a check on your baby budget. Generally, commercial baby food cost 3 times more than baby homemade food!

Baby gets real food: You give baby real food so it’s not tough to transition from milk feed to first solids and later to big people food. She eats what family eats. You can also control the texture of food like purees to soft mushy food to little small bite size.

You can offer variety: Jarred food comes in many tastes & flavors but homemade food has limitless options… you have so much of variety.

No preservatives go to baby palate- Jarred food is high on preservatives or other added flavors, sugar or salt. Organic jarred food, may not have added sugar, salt or flavor but they are heated on very high temperature, which may depletes some of its nutrients…whereas homemade has no added preservatives and is high on nutrients.

No exposure to Pesticides: Unless you buy only organic, the baby food will most likely have traces of pesticides. If you are concerned about pesticides then you should make your own baby food with organic fruits & veggies.

What’s in it: You are no more running around from shelf to shelf to check the product content …When you make your own food you are sure that you giving best to your baby… It’s a very high satisfaction point for mommies!

When was it packed: With jarred food you are often checking product expiry date  but with homemade food  you worry less because you serve Fresh!


But sometime it may seems impractical for mommies and they give up to the easiness of Jarred food especially when you are a working mom or has a family & other kids to take care of

I generally buy jarred baby food when I am….

Traveling: For short travel, I generally pack fruit & veggies with peel like banana, orange, Chicoo, avocado…easier to maintain hygiene level… but when traveling for long hours or on vacation jarred food is a great option!!

Pressed with time: In India, we generally prefer making fresh baby food and not So, when really pressed with time and have no time to cook then I opt or jarred food or yoghurt!

So, I prefer this mix arrangement, which gives me flexibility and comfort that I am doing best possible stuff for Lv!

What do you do mommies…would love to know your thoughts!!!!

Happy Weaning mommies!!!!!

Starting solids!

There is so much information on starting solids, and so many different opinions…sometimes, it becomes very tough to rationalize…especially if you are first time mommy like me!!!

I was also bombarded with lot of questions…like is it ok to start before 6 months, should I spoon wean or let her self wean!!!! Will she be allergic to anything …how will I know!! But, remember no two babies are alike & momma knows the best!!! So, always trust your instinct & try to understand your baby cues!

For Lv, We finally broke out to baby spoons and let her start exploring new tastes and textures @ 5 months…When she showed all signs of weaning like:

  • She could sit holding her head straight
  • You can’t eat anything in front of her she wanted everything that Aby or I put in our mouths
  • She was always hungry
  • She had outgrown her tongue-thrust reflex

Starting solids is an EXCITING TIME and a BIG MILESTONE for your baby n U!!!

First month, I started with fruits …First food she had was banana, we gave her once a day till 5 days to check if she shows any allergic reactions and it also helped her to develop a taste for it! She loved it… I gave apple, pear, chicoo, and papaya…. no citrus fruit yet!!!

From 2nd month she weans twice a day…one time fruits which I can mix if we have tried before and…. 2nd time veggies… the sweeter ones like carrots, peas, beans, avocado, and pumpkin!!! I also give her curd, light lentils like moong dal, diluted fruit juice & water at times!

To make weaning a happy experience, remember few things!

  • Never force baby to eat…when the baby is ready…she will eat… J
  • If she doesn’t eat at a time, keep trying!
  • Whenever you wean keep a camera next to you who wants to miss on those cute faces!:-)J J
  • Invest in some good cutlery (BPa free & silicon ones), high chair & bibs
  • Remember BF is still the main food…let your baby have fun with food…
  • No cow milk, ripened cheese, eggs, salt, honey, fish & other seafood with high mercury content till 1 year!!

Happy Weaning Mums!!!

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